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Royal Dutch Shell plc analysts' consensus estimates
Financial figures in million US-Dollar
Last update on 13/03/2019
CCS earnings (excluding identified items)AnalystDate of estimateQ1 2019 EFY 2019 EFY 2020 EFY 2021 EFY 2022 E
AB Bernstein Oswald Clint 2019-03-11 25,246 29,169 28,269 30,295 
Barclays Lydia R. Rainforth 2019-02-11 21,700 24,600 30,600 31,900 
Berenberg Bank Henry  Tarr 2019-01-31 19,890 21,844 
Citigroup Alastair R. Syme 2019-02-26 18,989 20,528 20,838 
Credit Suisse Thomas Adolff 2019-01-31 19,830 24,176 26,305 26,405 
Degroof-Petercam Luuk P. van Beek 2019-01-31 23,152 25,839 
Deutsche Bank Lucas O. Herrman 2019-02-01 21,729 23,282 24,297 
Exane BNP Paribas James Evans 2019-02-01 20,611 21,258 18,626 
Goldman Sachs Michele  Della Vigna 2019-01-31 17,245 21,007 20,715 
HSBC Gordon Gray 2019-02-13 21,763 26,732 26,924 27,884 
ISI Evercore Douglas T. Terreson 2019-02-01 4,757 23,615 26,348 
J.P. Morgan Cazenove Christyan Malek 2019-02-11 21,894 23,567 24,576 24,371 
Jefferies Jason Gammel 2019-02-01 22,542 21,253 
Kepler Cheuvreux Bertrand Hodée 2019-01-31 23,012 23,738 
Morgan Stanley Martijn Rats 2019-01-31 19,470 21,062 19,149 
Oddo BHF Ahmed Ben Salem 2019-02-01 23,377 26,241 
Anonymous1 Anonymous1 2019-02-26 4,653 21,530 25,832 
Simmons & Company International Blake Fernandez 2019-02-11 17,213 19,551 
Société Générale Irene Himona 2019-01-31 21,837 23,311 23,724 
UBS Jonathan Rigby 2019-01-31 23,574 28,411 29,149 30,018 
Consensus     21,411 23,887 24,431 28,479 
Highest     25,246 29,169 30,600 31,900 
Lowest     17,213 19,551 18,626 24,371 
Research analysts who would like to be included in the Analysts' Consensus Estimates for Royal Dutch Shell plc should submit their latest estimates and research reports to Vara Research via the following email address: info@vararesearch.de. By contacting Vara in this way, unless otherwise specified in the email, analysts will be deemed to have consented to their estimates being included in the Analysts' Consensus Estimates and their name, their employer's name and the date of their estimates being displayed on this sub-site.
Vara will exclude from the Analysts' Consensus Estimates estimates which were produced by analysts who are anonymous, have never provided a supporting research report and / or have not given their permission for their estimates to be included in the Analysts' Consensus Estimates.
Last update on 13/03/2019
The Analysts' Consensus Estimates for Royal Dutch Shell plc provided above are for informational purposes only and are provided only for the convenience of Shell's investors. Shell has engaged Vara Research GmbH to survey analysts that cover Royal Dutch Shell plc and to provide us with Analysts' Consensus Estimates for Royal Dutch Shell plc. The Analysts' Consensus Estimates are not Shell-prepared estimates, forecasts, predictions or projections. Shell has had no involvement in the preparation of the Analysts' Consensus Estimates or in any analyst's estimate that may have formed part of the Analysts' Consensus Estimates. Shell does not endorse or approve the Analysts' Consensus Estimates or any underlying analyst's estimate that may have formed part of the Analysts' Consensus Estimates. Shell is not adopting the Analysts' Consensus Estimates and the Analysts' Consensus Estimates have not been reviewed or reported on in accordance with the requirements of Rule 28­.­1(a) of the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. Moreover, investors are warned that reliance on the Analysts' Consensus Estimates as part of their investment decision could results in a loss, especially if Royal Dutch Shell plc fails to meet the Analysts Consensus Estimates. Furthermore, Shell provides no assurance with regard to the accuracy or correctness of the Analysts' Consensus Estimates.